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Author Topic: data preprocessing in som
nishmija Posted: 22-Feb-06 06:47
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Hi everybody,

i am new to this forum and very much new to neural networks too....i am trying to do a project which optimizes a website based on the visitor behaviors in it....I determine the behavior of a user in my website using three parameters,

For example consider the user visited pages 1->4->16

(It will be of the form of one dimensional vectors which contain the weights of the words in the pages 1,4,16..i.e. three page vectors)

(It will be of the form (1,20),(4,40),(16,10)...if the times spent in the pages 1,4,16 are 20,40 and 10 respectively...

The sequence is a graph which is of the form 1->4->16

Now i want to plot these three variables of various user vectors in a SOM and find out the winning neuron cluster....
For that the first step i think i need to do is convert these three data into numerical values so that they can be given as an input to the som....

how do i do that....

thanks in advance for any help.....


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