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Author Topic: good in training, bad in prediction
mr_ghl Posted: 23-Nov-10 22:24
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I've written a code for prediction in neural network...

the error in training is good ( below 1 %) but for prediction the error is high ( about 20 %)...I think my network is over trained but i don't know a way to solve this problem...I've changed number of layers,number of neurons and training function but the result has not changed...

so I put my code in this forum and hope to get an answer for it:

this zip file contains 2 files:

1-an Excel file for datas : lines 1-4 for training input, line 5 for training output (line 6 is output but didn't use in this code), line 7-10 for testing input, line 11 for testing output.

2-matlab code

after running the program 4 chart appear: first row is for trained data and second row for tested datas.

if somebody knows the answer, please change my code and put it again.

thanks a lot.

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