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Author Topic: Finding a pattern in data
morghul Posted: 16-Feb-11 07:20
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Hey all,
I'm working on program that finds a pattern in data. What I want to get is ilustrated on this picture.
0's if the point is not a part of the pattern, 1's if it is.
For learning process I have generated 100 sets of 500 points - only Y values of the function (first set is from 3.0 to 7.0, 2nd from 3.05 to 7.05, 3rd 3.1, 7.1, etc.) as input data, and a vectors of 0's and 1s as target vectors (0-point is not in the pattern, 1-point is part of the pattern). My nural network is 500 neurons in input layer (1 for each data point), 35 neurons in hidden, 500 neurons in output layer.
And it doesn't work properly. Is it possible to do it that way? What am I doing wrong?

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