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The NumberBank is a distributed web-based information system that provides a common interface to access various numerical data in different disciplines such as Economy, Business and Science, serving as a "Number Almanac."

The data is categorized into Facts and Forecasts. Facts being past findings and Forecasts being prediction on upcoming values.

The system contains data as single values and time-series suitable for trend analysis. Following sample illustrates the data management methods:


US Healthcare industry $900 million dollar in 2000 (single-value)

Life Expectancy in US (time-series)
           About 37 in 1760
           About 74 in 1986


Healthcare spending on Diabetes $300 Billion, forecast for 2025 (single-value)

ASP Market Size forecast for 2005 (time-series)
           About $24 Billion, predicted in 2001
           About $20 Billion, predicted in 2003

Users may submit records for inclusion in the database. New submissions are first checked before being included in the on-line database.

We welcome suggestions on adding new or updating and
revising existing information contained in the system.


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